Over the next three years, Canada’s Prairie Provinces are expected to lead the way in the growth of the country’s renewable energy capacity.
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Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have been informed - the Federal Carbon Tax is constitutional. The Court ruled that putting a nation-wide price on pollution is within Ottawa’s authority.
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With the cold snap reaching -40 degrees Celsius this winter in some parts of BC, The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and the City of Prince George have teamed up to create a reliable and energy-efficient industrial-style building.
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The three territories- Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut makeup Canada’s North and are known for the importance of natural resources, particularly mining. Given the size of Northern Canada, the potential for future exploration and projects is limitless.
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As climate change and oil prices continue to be a concern, two Alberta innovators rose to the challenge to came up with a solution to turn Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into everyday items such as fuel, building material and soap.
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The Government of Nova Scotia is moving towards a new renewable energy standard, with a goal of 80 per cent of Nova Scotia’s energy coming from renewable resources by 2030.
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2021 promises to be an interesting year for all markets. Global advances in science, tech, and innovation in the construction, mining, energy, health and safety, environment, and forestry sectors have given rise to a more complex regulatory landscape.
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The Alberta and Federal government announced that $400 million in funding will boost a year-old program to help decommission orphan or abandoned oil and gas sites in the province.
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More than 1,100 applications have been submitted to a British Columbia program for funding to clean and restore dormant oil and gas wells.
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As Canada endures another cold snap, many employers want to know what they need to do to ensure outdoor operations go smoothly and safely.

Temperatures across the country have plummeted and if workers are not appropriately dressed, severe injuries can occur.

Using and providing PPE (Personal Protecti...

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