The new Cap and Trade Cancellation Act, 2018 is in force starting November 14, 2018. This act will repeal and replace Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016 which also includes the repeal of several regulations under it: 

  • Prohibition Against the Purchase, Sale and Other D...

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TORONTO - Ontario's Government for the People is launching a review of occupational cancer to help ensure that best practices and the most up-to-date information are considered with respect to compensation. 

The government has engaged internationally recognized expert Dr. Paul Demers through Can...

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The Ontario Ministry of Environment is proposing a new technical standard for the asphalt mix industry. This will address air emissions and help protect communities who live close to these industrial sources. 

This proposal is for a technical standard under the local air quality regulation for t...

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Amendments to Ontario’s Renewable Energy Facility Regulations, retrieved July 23, 2019:

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What does your company do to stay ahead of new and changing regulations? Is it consistently finding new methods and sources of monitoring? Every organisation should be able to answer these questions to ensure they keep up with today's legislative landscape. In the wake of GDPR, it's the perfect time...

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In opposition to the Saskatchewan (SKCA) and Ontario (ONCA) Courts of Appeal, a majority in the Alberta Court of Appeal (ABCA) found the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPA) unconstitutional.

The primary source of contention in the GGPA are provisions allowing federal input if a provin...

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