Prairie Provinces to Lead Canada in Growth of Renewables

06.04.21 01:22 PM Comment(s)

Over the next three years, Canada’s Prairie Provinces are expected to lead the way in the growth of the country’s renewable energy capacity.

Canada has set a goal to decrease reliance on coal-fired electricity and have a substantial increase in solar and wind capacity. This would increase the amount of renewable energy used mainly in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba, however, will predominantly strengthen its position as a hydro producer. Most of Manitoba’s energy produced for heating and cooling will be imported from carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as natural gas and petroleum products.

Canada’s Renewable Power report explores the generation of electricity in Canada, providing an outlook for renewable electricity in every province and territory by 2023. The overall pace of renewable energy in Canada is expected to slow down within the next year, but strong growth will be seen in the Prairies Provinces with a large reliance on fossil fuel generation.

Canada continues to be a global leader in renewable power. Generating almost two-thirds of electricity from renewables with hydro being the dominant source. The country is expected to see a gradual decline in carbon emissions from the use of electricity generation largely due to the Prairie Provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick replacing coal with natural gas and renewables. As a result, Canada will have one of the world’s lowest carbon intensities for electricity.

Alberta, Canada’s biggest oil-producing province is expected to see the fastest growth in renewable energy within the country. By 2023, 26 percent of Alberta’s electricity capacity will come from renewable resources as Alberta is in the process of phasing out coal-fired electricity and replacing it with wind, solar power, and natural gas. Between 2017 and 2023, Alberta will add 2,000 megawatts of renewable power, some of the largest in Canada.


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