Regulatory changes to Saskatchewan pipeline development 

12.11.21 07:28 AM

Regulatory changes to Saskatchewan pipeline development


The government of Saskatchewan has recently implemented regulatory changes to the Ministry of Energy and Resources 2019 Petroleum Innovation Incentive Program (PIIP or SPII), and the 2020 Oil Infrastructure Investment Program (OIIP). The province has supported energy projects involving oil and gas, and recently added carbon dioxide and helium industries. These changes demonstrate Saskatchewan's efforts to promote the sustainability and dynamics of the  energy industry.


The Oil Infrastructure Investment Program (OIIP) offers transferable oil and gas royalty/freehold production tax credits for qualified projects at a rate of 20 per cent of eligible project costs. The


Furthermore, the helium industry has also received support from the Ministry through the PIIP. When undertaking an innovative pilot, market validation or commercial scaling project across any segment of Saskatchewan's oil, gas or helium industry, eligible projects have the ability to redeem 25 per cent of their eligible capital and operating costs. Credit redemptions, which are fully transferable, can even occur during the construction and operational phases of a project to help improve a company's cash flow. As well, the SPII can be used alongside other incentive and grant programs available in Saskatchewan.


Overall, the province is aiming to:

-    improve oil, gas or helium recovery ;

-    manage adverse environmental impacts ;

-    increase value-added processing capacity; or

-    to commercialize oil, gas or helium production by products or waste. 


Projects meeting the previous criteria may be eligible for the PIIP. For Saskatchewan´s web page at








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