Why outsourcing your regulatory monitoring makes more sense.

Chad Grasza
10.12.20 08:30 AM Comment(s)

To meet compliance obligations, EHS teams must monitor legislation and regulatory updates. Most Canadian organizations either have an outdated or inefficient process of monitoring regulatory updates that are specific to their industry which makes it more stressful and time-consuming than it needs to be.  


Amidst the rapid changes in innovation, science, and technology which, creates a more complex regulatory landscape today, organizations need a smart and effective process that is trusted and reliable to stay ahead of the EHS legislative and regulatory changes critical to managing their operations.  


To remain an industry leader, most organizations are gravitating towards outsourcing their regulatory monitoring needs and leveraging an automated system customized towards their specific industry where they can get up to date and reliable resources.   


Outsourcing the regulatory monitoring process helps organizations get tailored updates that are relevant to their company which makes it more simplified.  


This process makes more sense as you get more results, reduce your risk of non-compliance, and easily promote the compliance culture of an organization.  

Some of the notable benefits of outsourcing include  


  • Lower operational costs and streamline operations  

Subscribing to an EHS software is even more affordable than ever when compared to the process of employing more hands to get the job done on time and effectively.  


  • Improvement of work processes  

Rather than focusing on tracking new legislation and regulatory updates, the EHS team will be focused on making more strategic decisions and adhering to the compliance standards at the right time. Most EHS platform can also integrate regulatory monitoring from its robust database into the organization’s in-house management systems and processes.  


  • Stay ahead of the EHS legislative and regulatory changes critical to managing operations  

In Canada, there are well over 100 regulatory changes a week at the federal and provincial levels. To keep track of these changes, organizations need a dedicated team to ensure that the company is updated on what's new.  


  • Reduce EHS team’s workload as they spend fewer hours cross-checking sources  

Instead of looking at different sources and sorting through all the legislation implemented from time to time, an organization can streamline its research process by getting a curated round-up of information that is specific to their company on time and without hassle. 


  • Simplify your research and get a reliable and trusted resource on the latest federal, provincial, and territorial developments within their industry  

With a trusted EHS system, organizations can make more informed decisions and plan the best strategies for their company or clients on time. It also simplifies their research process. 


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