Alberta's Industrial Work Camps - Operations during COVID-19

Toni S
23.06.20 04:31 PM Comment(s)

Alberta is returning to business and taking steps to prevent the spread COVID-19.

Operators are responsible for ensuring that staff conducts self-assessments every day prior to reporting for work - encourage clients to do the same prior to entering your business. Click Here to access the AHS Self-Assessment Tool.

Work Camp Operators should maintain a running list of all staff, clients, or other visitors to the camp if a public health follow up becomes necessary. The list must be maintained for a minimum of six weeks and should contain the contact information for anyone entering the camp and their employer (if they entered the camp for business).

Any person experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (unrelated to another pre-exsisting condition) must inform camp management immediately. Operators are obliged to instruct staff not to come to the camp for their shift if they meet the Self-Isolation Criteria set out by AHS.

If an individual in a work camp exhibits COVID-19 symptoms they must be isolated immediately. Once isolated, they should be tested as soon as possible. Public health officials will rely on the running list to ensure everyone who may have come into contact with an infected worker is assessed for risk of transmission.

A Rapid Response Plan must be developed so a clear process supports the management of individuals who are symptomatic or have a confirmed case of the virus.Criteria that must be featured in the plans include a Site Map, Staff and Client/Visitor inventory, Screening Protocol, Communication Protocols, and Site-specific Isolation and Quarantine Procedures. These plans will be reviewed and assessed by Alberta Health to ensure they are complete.

Physical distancing and mass gatherings should be kept to a minimum where possible. Work camp food facilities must reduce the numbers of people dining together at one time, and safe food handling must be practiced. While the prohibition of more than 15 people in one space does not apply to workplaces, physical distancing practices must be in place.

General prevention measures that should be implemented include providing tissues, no touch garbage bins, posting signs throughout facilities, and restricting non work-related visitation. Click Here to access COVID-19 Prevention Signs.

These requirements may evolve or change in response to the Pandemic.