Quebec - Bill 66 An Act respecting the acceleration of certain infrastructure projects

Leanne Forbes
12.10.20 09:06 PM Comment(s)

Written by Chad Grasza

On September 23, 2020, the Quebec Government introduced Bill 66 – An Act respecting the acceleration of certain infrastructure projects . 

Bill 66 follows the controversial Bill 61 that was abandoned in the Summer of 2020.  

The goal of Bill 66 is to help compensate for the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by stimulating Québec's economic recovery and by accelerating the start of specific infrastructure projects, while complying with the applicable legal framework, namely with respect to public contracts and protection of the environment.

The projects that can benefit from the acceleration measures are limited to those listed in Schedule I of Bill 66, which includes seniors’ residences and CHSLDs; schools; road transit projects, and government office renovations.  There are 181 publicly funded proposals, including sprucing up government buildings, expanding highways and at least one large-scale transit plan: the extension of the Montreal Metro Blue line.

The new measures would significantly reduce the, often 1-2 year process it takes to get environmental assessments approved.  

For more details on the acceleration measures visit the Quebec government site: Bill 66