Manitoba Government Permanently Amends Regulations to Allow Electronic Business Submissions

Steph Q.
19.10.20 08:48 AM Comment(s)

Measures introduced as part of the COVID-19 response to reduce red tape and allow more work to be handled electronically are now permanently implemented.
Recent changes allow businesses to submit information and documents with electronic signatures or without signatures where appropriate, and issue certificates, documents and information electronically. 
Since mid-March,  operations have been conducted via website, general phone line, email, mail and by fax. To cope with the changes, the Companies Office started accepting and issuing a wider scope of documents and information electronically.
Signatures are not required when accepting notices of change of directors and registered office, annual returns and all articles of amendment, amalgamation, continuance, reorganization, arrangement, dissolution and revival submitted electronically under the Corporations Act and the Cooperatives Act;
Electronic signatures are accepted for all supporting information and documents required under the Corporations Act, the Cooperatives Act, and the Religious Societies Lands Act under the regulation; and are also acceptable for declarations filed under the Business Names Registration Act due to a dissolution, change of membership, proprietors or partners, declarations for limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, declarations for a person ceasing carrying on business and notices of change in a business or firm name.
Safeguards allow the Companies Office and the Financial Institutions Regulations Branch to have the final say on electronic submissions. If either has concerns regarding the authenticity of a signature, they have some discretion in accepting or rejecting the submission.

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Source: Government of Manitoba