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what's NEW Tracker


The What's New Tracker is a add on service to accounts, clients will be setup with their own Company specific site.


The what’s NEW tracking app was developed to help our clients comply with government requirements for tracking changes to government regulations and being able to provide a company specific audit trail of the updates.

The what’s NEW tracking app will help you manage your regulatory monitoring in 3 ways:

1) Filter the updates using criteria you determine as relevant to your operations (based on Jurisdiction and Author); 

2) Add your own company fields/comments to each item in the update; and

3) Review real time and historical reports of how your company responded to each update.

Legal Register

The Legal Register is an add on service to, clients will be setup with their own Company specific site.

Building on the same features as above, the Legal Register will be filtered at the document level (instead of the Jurisdiction/Author level)