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NRES Standard

NRES Standard is our base level regulatory compliance monitoring software
A subscription to NRES Standard gives you 24/7 access to the secure website which includes over 80,000 regulatory documents, robust search engine, weekly email updates of What’s New and Access to our What's new App which allows user to filter regulatory updates by jurisdiction, author or date

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How It Works

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor over 100 different sources to know when the government releases a new regulation or policy.

NRES Library

New Canadian regulations and policies are quickly added to our library, where all the information is organized and easy to access

What's New

A list of the latest amendments and regulations that were added to our NRES library is compiled for you to easily access

Email Updates

We send a summary of these changes right to your email, so you never miss an update

Searching Feature

Quickly search for only your inventory or the entire NRES library and What's New list. Everything you need, all in one place!