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Regulatory Updates

December 2020


Over 50 Federal updates, highlights include:

Proposed Clean Fuel Regulations
The proposed Clean Fuel Regulations (the proposed Regulations) will require carbon-intensity (CI) reductions in liquid fossil fuels (i.e., gasoline, diesel, fuel oils, etc.) produced and imported into Canada. The draft is currently out for public feedback. The CFR is to be finalized in late 2021 and brought into force in 2022.
  • Amendments to Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations
  • A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy (ECCC)
  • Amendments to the Labour Standards Regulations
British Columbia

20 updates, highlights include: 

  • Changes to Pesticide Licence Application process
  • Amendment to the Workers Compensation Act


Over 100 updates, highlights include:

  • Quantification Protocol for Biogas Production and Combustion Version 1.0
  • Updates to AER Manuals 003, 004, 013, 014, 015 and 016
  • Subsoil Salinity Tool Version 3.0 User Manual

Over 30 updates, highlights include:

Bill 19 - Saskatchewan Human Resources Profession Act 

​This bill would create a self-regulating body known as the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Saskatchewan. If passed, the act will administer member registration and certification. It would come into force upon Royal Assent.

  • Amended Wildlife Act, 1998
  • Updated WCB Policy and Procedure Manual 
  • Amended Potash Production Tax Regulations

Over 10 updates, highlights include:

  • Amended Fuel Tax Act
  • Amended Employment Standards Code
  • Amendments to Oil and Gas Production Tax Regulation

50 updates, highlights include: 

  • Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations Regulation
  • Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act
  • Sustainable Growth: Ontario’s Forest Sector Strategy

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