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Regulatory Updates

September 2021


Over 85 updates, highlights include

  • Amended Canadian Human Rights Act
  • New Vessel Safety Certificates Regulation
  • Amended Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Amended Greenhouse Gas Pricing Act
British Columbia

Over 90 updates, highlights include: 

  • Amended Hazardous Waste Regulation
  • Amended BC Timber Sales Regulation
  • Amended Employment Standards Act
  • Amended Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Regulation

Over 100 updates, highlights include:

  • Amended Alberta Energy Regulator Administration Fees Rules
  • Amended Wildlife Regulation
  • Amended Occupational Health and Safety Code

Over 30 updates, highlights include

  • Amended Conservation Easements Act
  • Amended Forest Resources Management Act
  • Amended Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Regulations

Over 10 updates, highlights include

  • Amended Apprenticeship and Certification Act
  • Amended Reliability Standards Regulation
  • General COVID-19 Prevention Order

Over 60 updates, highlights include:

  • Amended Expansion of Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Repealed Ontario Highway Transport Board Act
  • Amended Industrial Establishments Regulation
  • Amended Speed Limits Regulation
  • Amended Mining Act