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Regulatory Updates

March 2021


Over 70 updates, highlights include

  • Levy on shipments of crude oil by rail
  • Updated Canada Labour Code
  • Bill C-232 An Act respecting a Climate Emergency Action Framework
British Columbia

Over 30 updates, highlights include: 

  • Amended Land Title Act
  • Updated Oil and Gas Activities Act
  • Ministry of Energy and Mines Act

Over 80 updates, highlights include:

  • Updated Directive 087 Well Integrity Management
  • Amended Oil Sands Conservation Rules
  • Proposed: Bill 54 - Irrigation Districts Amendment Act
    • Allows for more agriculture investments across the province and permits irrigation districts to borrow funds for large-scale expansions of their projects. 

Over 25 updates, highlights include

  • Updated Gas Inspection Act
  • Seismic Exploration Regulations
  • Electrical Code Regulations

Over 10 updates, highlights include

  • Updated Biodiesel (General) Regulation
  • Proposed: Bill 63 The Petty Trespasses Amendment and Occupier's Liability Amendment Act
    • This Bill would amend the Petty Trespasses Act, the Occupiers Liability Act and the Animal Diseases Act to help landowners respond to concerns about trespassing on private property.
  • The Oil and Gas Act

Over 35 updates, highlights include:

  • Updated Classes of Consumers and Determination of Rates Regulation
  • Ontario Energy Board Act
  • Proposed: Bill 257 Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act
    • Expedites the delivery of broadband projects of provincial significance.